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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Based on the NHL’s Three-on-Three…

Hockey fans have now been introduced to the NHL’s new overtime rules that see regular hockey games turn into a three-on-three races.

National Hockey League 2 “AirCanadaCentre” by Ville Miettinen.

According to what has been written and said about the arrangement, the fans love it while the players do not.

Based on this advanced tiebreaker, I believe it’s time to consider alternatives for other sports.

For example, if an NBA team goes to overtime, each team can pick a player to play one-on-one to settle the game, or they can go to a game of H-O-R-S-E.

All sites for PGA events must construct goony golf courses to host tiebreakers. Pan to Augusta where the journey from “Amen Corner” to the Clown’s Mouth determines The Masters champion. Picture the proud winner clad in green jacket while standing in front of the windmill. Photo op.

Major League Baseball? How about Wiffle Ball between first-base coaches? The hiring of first-base coaches would become a headline event.

And the NFL? Easy, drop down an Octagon at the fifty. Each coach would then yell for their best man to step forward resulting in a Troy-like scenario, “Achilles!”