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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Bitching About the Final Four, and…

Since the Final Four will be hosted at a football stadium this year, I get to bitch again about how much I despise this practice.

Why not start having what I call a “boutique” Final Four? Charge a lot more for the tickets to satisfy the greed of those in charge, only play the games at any one of the iconic basketball arenas across the country that were built for basketball.

Spectators at boutique Final Four games would actually be able to see the game — without watching on a Jumbotron, and players would not have to re-configure their respective basketball compasses like they will have to at Houston’s NRG Stadium.

Playing in NRG is said to be disastrous for shooters because of how it affects depth perception. I’m interested to see how bad the shooting is this weekend. That might be the only factor that can derail Carolina.

While I’m bitching, I’m tired of college kids not being able to transfer when their coach changes schools. And, come to think about it, I don’t like the rule where a kid has to sit out a year if he transfers.

Georgia’s Kirby Smart recently told a kid he could not transfer to Miami because he wanted to set a precedent. What if somebody dictated to Smart the schools he could and could not coach at when he went to look for a head job? And what if he had to sit out a year before he could start that job?

Finally, I took a look at my spam email yesterday and I’m pleased to report I’ll soon be rich. All I need to do is simply pass along my bank account information and several African princes will deposit millions. Easy street, brother.

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