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  • Bill Chastain


Everybody says less are needed. I want more.

I’m talking bowl games here.

A lot of people have bitched about 5-7 teams going to bowl games this year because there are too many bowls. Next year, I say take some 4-8 teams, too. Crank up a few more bowl games.

I’m old enough to remember when only a handful of bowl games were played and each of seemed meaningful. I acknowledge that. What I can’t remember is what we did leading up to New Year’s Day when all the bowls were played.

Fact is, I can’t get enough of bowl season. It’s my guilty little pleasure.

Take Saturday’s New Mexico-Arizona meeting in the New Mexico Bowl. That one had me at hello. How can you not watch a game that features a linebacker like Arizona’s Scooby Wright?

Monday afternoon’s USF-Western Kentucky Miami Beach Bowl dictated that I work in front of the TV. The Bulls and Hilltoppers rewarded me with 1,199 yards of total offense. The Bulls lost, but you can count me as a fan of quarterback Quinton Flowers. That kid is sure is fun to watch.

So really, what’s the harm in meaningless bowl games? Even the Tennessee Mountain Oyster Bowl (just made that one up) would be entertaining to me.

Now, some observations.

Did anybody else find irony in the fact a BYU-Utah matchup took place in the Las Vegas Bowl?

How about the coming LSU and Texas Tech tilt in the Texas Bowl? LSU has the nation’s third-leading rusher in Leonard Fournette. Meanwhile, the Red Raiders ranked 125th in rushing defense. Do you think the Tigers might consider having Fornette tote the mail a few times?

The Russell Athletic Bowl features North Carolina vs. Baylor. The Bears led the nation averaging 48 points per game while the Tar Heels hung 40 a game on their opponents. Defenses for both teams will hold checkered flags. Gentlemen, start your engines.

I’m planning to head overseas the day after Christmas–via the Gandy Bridge–to watch the St. Petersburg Bowl between UConn and Marshall. I love to see a baseball stadium set up to host football.

This afternoon’s action begins at 3:30 with the Idaho Potato Bowl between Utah State and Akron. Heart be still, I can’t wait.

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