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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: College Football Musings

Last week marked the anniversary of Georgia Tech’s 222-0 win over Cumberland College.

John_Heisman John Heisman

You could say the Yellow Jackets covered On Oct. 7, 1916 against the Bulldogs in a contest Tech coach John Heisman — yes, that Heisman — viewed as a revenge game. Cumberland’s baseball team had defeated Tech’s 22-0 that spring and had allegedly done so using professional players. Thus, payback time.

Based on what Tech has done this season — 228 points in six games, including four-straight losses — it’s easy to surmise they clearly need to schedule Cumberland in the future.

Speaking of Georgia Tech, why can’t they just lose? Every time they get beat, it’s because they run the option. Last week they lost to Clemson 43-24 and the announcers wheeled out that same rhetoric about coach Paul Johnson’s offense. Of course they didn’t say a word about Dabo Swinney’s offense last season when Tech beat Clemson 28-6. Fact is, most offenses don’t work when not executed properly.

Isn’t it funny how the SEC “cannibalizes” the other teams in the conference, a comment always made when one of its top teams loses within the conference? When that happens in other conferences, ESPN piles on about what a bad conference such-and-such conference is. Any coincidence that ESPN is married to the SEC? I’m not going to sit here and say the SEC is not a good conference, but does anybody remember last season around this juncture when ESPN was claiming that the SEC West could play in the NFL? How did that turn out?

Why doesn’t undefeated FSU get any love? They haven’t lost in the regular season the past three years and they’ve just lost one game overall.

A moron announcer from one of last weekend’s games announced that the defensive line had a “jail break” — as if the one team’s offense couldn’t handle the defensive line. Of course, the offense was setting up a screen pass, which works perfectly if you let the defense beat the blockers up front. I can just see that same announcer reciting “jail break” to the mirror in the days leading up to the game as if the phrase would make him sound more knowledgeable. Didn’t work.

Charlie Strong’s Texas enjoyed a nice win against Oklahoma. Good for Strong. He’s a quality coach who just needs a little time to get his program headed the right direction.