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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Election’s Over, Cubs Win, and Other Stuff

The election is over, and, to quote Forrest Gump, “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

Steph Curry’s washed up, right? Well, not so fast. One game after Golden State star went 0-for-10 from outside the three-point circle, he hit 13-of-17 three-pointers on Monday night, setting an NBA record in the Warriors’ win over the Knicks.

I saw a kid riding a skateboard vigorously up one street and down the next, prompting me to wonder if his push-off leg — which in his case was his right, was overdeveloped compared to his left. I’ve noticed such a discrepancy before with the throwing and serving arms of pitchers and tennis players, respectively, and their other arms.

The Cubs won the World Series, erasing a 108-year streak of frustration while doing so. After Friday’s victory parade in Chicago, estimates came in that said approximately five million people were on hand to watch that parade. Question: How do you estimate people at a parade? Is that like one of those word problems where the train leaves the station at X time and another train leaves at Y time, when do they meet? And… are there professionals who make such approximations?

Alas, now that the Cubs have broken their curse, who becomes anointed as sports new cursed team? The Buffalo Bills? The San Diego Padres? How about Centre College? Following their 9-0 1919 season, they were recognized by some as college football champions. Actually, the Official NCAA Division I Football Record Book also lists Harvard, Illinois, Notre Dame and Texas A&M as having been deemed national champions by major selectors that season. Still, quite a drought for the Praying Colonels.

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