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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Fake News Cracks Me Up

Fake news is a relatively new form of reporting, though some might claim faux news has been with us longer than that. Regardless, here are a couple of recent fake news stories that cracked me up.

From Faux Outcry News which has been “Fabricating Charleston news since 2016” came the story titled: “Man Arrested for Operating a Craft Brewery Without a Beard.”

The story reported that craft beer maker Adam Hawkins got swarmed by a SWAT team “and placed into custody, where he’ll be deprived of a razor, forced to wear hipster clothing, and ride a beach cruiser bicycle until he’s ready to operate his brewery under the proper codes.”

Perhaps even more heinous: His brewery was “also built without a trust fund.”

Comedienne Dena Blizzard posted a Facebook video about a fake app, “Chardonnay Go”, which takes mothers all over the suburbs seeking glasses of chardonnay. Pokemon Go was never so much fun.

Finally, I loved the spoof by SportsPickle about rotund Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon, who–like a certain 49ers quarterback, decided he would not stand for the National Anthem, because…

“It’s very tiring to stand.”

–Bill Chastain