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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Farewell to Mother Trib

Farewell to Mother Trib. Brand X finally won, purchasing The Tampa Tribune on Tuesday, then folding her with a swift death stroke. And just like that, a beautiful chapter of Tampa history — a chapter written so eloquently, is closed.

I will forever be grateful to The Tampa Tribune for affording me the opportunity to work with an exceptional group of people from 1990 through 2011. What a privilege that was. We had a helluva a lot of fun, we worked hard, and I felt as though we put out a good product — though occasionally flawed in a very human way.

The people I worked with at the Trib will always be family. And The Tampa Tribune will always be my hometown paper.

If I squint, I can still see early morning and a father handing his son the Trib sports page. The young boy would spread out the paper on the terrazzo floor and begin to read. Magically, a world outside of Dale Avenue would come to life through the box scores, stories about the local heroes, and Tom McEwen’s Morning After.

For the length of my life, I’ve read The Trib, learning about the successes of friends, occasionally their deaths, and news about “America’s Next Great City.” What a great ride.

Thanks for the memories.

And cheers to those who remained until the end, working hard and fighting the good fight.

As McEwen might say, “babaloo.”

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