• Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: For Medicinal Purposes Only

For those who puffed and, inhaled — you all know who you are — some questions and observations about life if Florida ever goes the way of the whacky weed, for “medicinal” purposes only:

First there’s the question of reduced productivity. I don’t believe productivity would be reduced, rather it would be redirected.

640px-Marijuana_plant “Marijuana plant” by Jorge Barrios

For example, activities deemed worthwhile to society prior to said passage might give way to those of a deeper consciousness, such as lively discussions about important matters. Open exchanges such as this conversation between Pinto and Professor Jennings of “Animal House” would become the order of the day.

Pinto: “OK, so that means that our whole solar system could be like one tiny atom in the fingernail of some other giant being (Giggle). This is nuts! That means that one tiny atom in my fingernail could be…”

Jennings: “…could be one tiny little universe!”

Pinto: “Can I buy some pot from you?”

In other words, great minds challenging other great minds to become greater.

Entertainment will be affected, too. Everybody assumes that Bob Marley and Pink Floyd will elevate their following. That’s too easy, musical tastes will always remain up to the individual. However, new spectator events will likely be introduced. Huge among these: Watching the hot donuts roll off the line at Krispy Kreme or steak burgers getting flipped at Steak ‘n Shake. Could said venues accommodate luxury boxes? No doubt, TV will follow and the ratings will be nothing to sneer at.

What about professions?

The next generation always follows the money when deciding on one’s career. What profession creates financial freedom under the new landscape? Medical school? Law school? Hardly. The smart kids will gravitate toward Pizza Hut, Dominos and Papa John’s. Pizza delivery dudes will rule. Spicoli came along too soon.

Alas, the possibilities are seedless, uh, endless. Everyday life will be infinitely more interesting. Let Florida’s future voters decide.


©2020 by Bill Chastain. Photo credits: Jill Doty Photography