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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: For the Love of Bacon

Beazley is devoted to my daughter, Carly. He’s in tune to her every move and, clearly, he wants to breathe her air. That makes me love the little guy even more. Yet Carly knows where she stands as she’s noted on more than one occasion: “He’d sell me out in a heartbeat for a piece of bacon.”

The Beazer’s stance is understandable since, as Vincent Vega astutely pointed out in Pulp Fiction: “Bacon tastes good.”

Now it seems Oscar Mayer has a website, which stresses “beauty is in the eye of the bacon holder.” And, they have created an app where you can “find your bacon lover.”

Yes, an actual dating app for bacon lovers (iPhones only). Think about the possibilities of finding a soulmate who is also in tune to his or her inner bacon. But don’t get too giddy. Complications arrive after narrowing the field to bacon soulmates also found on and

While on the subject of nutrition, I recently learned that The Varsity now has eight locations in and around the Atlanta area and in Athens. After all, it’s all about healthy living, right? One of their burgers even comes with bacon. How much healthier can you get?

Finally, I read this observation about crisper draws: They are “the place where good intentions go to die.”

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