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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Free-Agent Rams Fans

NFL camps have opened and if you live in St. Louis, the realization that you no longer have an NFL team has likely hit home.

Yes, the Rams have relocated to Los Angeles, leaving the “Gateway to the West” jilted for a second time by the NFL.

Remember, St. Louis saw the Cardinals move to Phoenix. Later, that void got filled with the Rams relocating to St. Louis. Having covered playoff games in St. Louis when they were “the fastest team on turf” — and the fans were crazy about their team, it’s hard to imagine that team going elsewhere. Alas, NFL owners are not communists. Los Angeles TV revenue had to be tapped. St. Louis paid the price.

Now free-agent Rams fans must decide their next move.

The easiest and most unlikely of the options would be to remain a Rams fan, but remember, “Hell hath no fury like a scorned NFL fan…”

Something like that.

The first question for any free-agent Rams fan is to ask: Am I still an NFL fan.

If the answer is no, joining a concussion lobby would be the most fitting–and vindictive, course of action. If we can’t have NFL football, nobody can…

Going all in with college football is another option. Let’s see, Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State?

Most fans won’t find it so easy to live without their NFL fix. I mean, what other choices do they have? The WNBA? Lawn Jarts? More family time? Thus, they are left to ponder what team should they adopt.

This is a tough call to make. Future generations of family fandom could be affected.

There will be those who go to the top of the standings, which means the Broncos should gain a portion of new faithful fans. “We won our third Super Bowl last season.”

Going with New England would be equally weak.