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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Game 7 Special

Game 7 is special in any sport.

Elimination games just bring out an element like no other. In my opinion, a Game 7 in the World Series trumps a Game 7 from any other sport.

Having covered the Rays for a long time, I’m vested in this one given the former Rays on the rosters of both teams. Cleveland has Brandon Guyer and Chris Gimenez (though he’s not on the World Series roster), Chicago has Ben Zobrist and Jason Hammel (though he’s injured), along with coach Davey Martinez, and of course, manager Joe Maddon. All are good guys.

After writing about Red Mitchum last week, I received a nice note from his daughter. Among other things, she informed me that in Driving Miss Daisy, Red Mitchum was the name of the used car dealer in the movie. And, typical of her father, “It bothered him they did not pay him any royalties.”

Like I said, Red Mitchum was a beauty.

Every time college football’s selection committee makes a decision, my case is validated for a six-team playoff that includes the conference champions from the big five conferences and an at-large team that can’t come from the big five. Yesterday the committee included once-defeated Texas A&M over undefeated Washington in their first rankings. Absurd!

While on the Georgia Tech campus last week, I noticed a student playing with a yo-yo. I couldn’t help marvel at him as he executed a myriad of tricks like somebody from my generation. Shouldn’t he have been playing with a yo-yo app on his iPhone?