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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Getting Old Ain’t for Sissies…

etting old ain’t for sissies. There’s a lot of truth in that time honored saying.

While I’m pleased to be on the side of the grass where I currently reside — and, thankfully, I’ve still got my mind, I’ve got to acknowledge the fact I’m deteriorating.

Take my eyes. I now understood why Fred Sanford had a drawer full of glasses. I fight to stay in focus all day. Needless to say, my desk is crammed with readers from 1.5 magnification to 3.25.

Hearing comes and goes. My teeth seem to break anytime I try anything more ambitious than a french fry. And, finally, there are the constant bathroom breaks. Sight, hearing, teeth, peeing all the time, which is the worst to deal with?

And I’m healthy!

Taking a spontaneous tact on Sunday afternoon, Patti and I walked over to watch the University of Tampa baseball team host Bentley College on the UT campus.Tampa U Program

Having watched a lot of major league games, I found a lot of what I watched refreshing. Such as, left-handed hitters getting to hit against left-handed pitchers. Kids sprinting from their positions to the dugout after the third out, the head coach standing in the third-base box and there were no bat boys, the players chased down foul balls.

Downtown Tampa serves as the backdrop over left field making the setting all the more pristine. Pretty nice experience.

Finally, I loved the story about…

Deven Schuko, the co-captain of the wrestling team at Norton High in Massachusetts. He recently lost a match after going unbeaten in his first 28 matches of the season, yet he wasn’t flustered in the least even though he’s won over 100 career matches.

Why? Shuko let Andrew Howland of Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High pin him on purpose. Howland has Down syndrome and Shuko’s loss created one hell of a special moment for Howland along with his family and friends.

Classy move from a young man.

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