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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Hand Shakes, Not Hugs

Not a fan of handshakes with hugs.

Handshake “Collaboration logo V2” by Berdea – Own work.

Insert a handshake and a hug into a Venn diagram and the two would never intersect. They are — and should remain — mutually exclusive.

Working around professional athletes, I’ve noticed that no handshake can be completed without a hug these days. Even when guys don’t really like each other, they go through the whole drill. What’s the matter with a straight shake of the hands? On top of that, the hug and the handshake is labor intensive. I say save the hugs for somebody special. Of course this is one of those generational things and I’ve got to recognize that I’m starting to sound like a dinosaur roaring from the tar pit, right?

Reminds me of the time my father took my little brother to a rock concert. For those who knew my father, the thought of seeing Nu Nu in said situation is cracking you up. Remember, this was a man who preferred a duck blind to a comfortable bed.

Anyway, at the concert, Dad sees a friend of his, who had also taken his son to the show. Once the music began to blare, Dad’s friend told him: “You know, there is a god-damn gap!”

Heart be still, they’ve found a new collection of Kennedy photos. Can you believe it? It’s Ripley’s, I’m telling you.

TV actor Jimmie Walker turns 67 today. He’s best remembered for playing the role of J.J. Evans on the TV show, “Good Times.”

So here’s a piece of trivia about Walker. He once worked as a vendor at Yankee Stadium and Mickey Mantle gave him a silver dollar. Talk about a great slice of Americana, how about “The Mick” and “Kid Dyn-o-Mite!” together at the “House that Ruth Built.”