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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Harrison on the Right Side of this One

Can you believe the shit storm James Harrison caused by not allowing his sons to keep their participation trophies?

Stanley1 “Stanley Cup 2011” by Ashley Bayles

People feel strongly on both sides of this one, but the very definition of an award — an honor of achievement — makes the concept of participation trophies ring somewhat empty with me.

Would winning the Stanley Cup be as rewarding if everybody in the NHL got to put their names on the thing at the end of the season? I mean, they tried.

Not a fan of fake awards.

From the pop culture department, it appears that if you like to use LOL — or “laugh out loud” — you are considered a dinosaur. According to recent Facebook study, just 1.9 percent of posts contain the acronym. The big winner? “Hehe.”

Good for DICK’S Sports.

Their DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation wants to help youth sports, which often fight budget cuts. Thus, the sporting goods chain is hoping to “help more teams, in more communities, in more ways.” They have formed a partnership with and will match up to $1.5 million of customer donations to school sports teams. To donate, you can do so at or at the checkout in their stores. If you know of a team in need, you should tell them to apply at

I don’t think the line was original, but I still cracked up when a reporter asked Joe Maddon if he was superstitious given the fact he had not changed his socks during the Cubs’ nine-game winning streak. To wit, the Cubs manager answered: “No, I’m just a little stitious.”

Speaking of quotes, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson’s remains a classic: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”