• Bill Chastain


I’ve decided to come clean: I can change a light bulb.

Based on the state of competence levels for fixing things today, I guess that makes me handy. Scary, right?

I’m the polar opposite of my father, who never shied away from fixing anything. He often noted that if he had a lever big enough he could move the world.

Iron Worker Baytown TexasOf course, there were memorable issues with the plumbing and the dishwasher that lingered longer than they might have for someone not quite as handy — who would have called a plumber and been done with it.

Thing is, not being handy puts me in the majority. How many people do you know who read directions, can fix things with their hands, know how to do stuff?

A story in Sunday’s Tampa Bay Times noted that older construction workers are retiring and younger people “aren’t eager to take their spots.” That didn’t surprise me in the least.

Tasks have grown increasingly automated to the point that I’m curious about whether we, as a society, will begin to evolve physically to adapt to our changing technology. Like extra thumbs to operate keyboards, and no legs since we rarely use them.

Ever think about what might happen if the power goes out. Scary.

I can tell you one thing, you don’t want to call me.


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