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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: “I’m Still Eating That…”

How many times have you been in a restaurant, with food left on your plate, and the waiter comes by and asks, “Are you finished with that?”

While I’m not bashful about telling the waiter, “I’m still eating that,” those of a more polite nature will succumb to the pressure, allowing what remains to be collected even though they really want to eat it.

It’s just as bad when they start grabbing the plates of those who have finished their meals, making those still eating feel like gluttons to still be doing so.

Whatever happened to waiting for everybody at the table to enjoy their entire meal before starting the cleanup? After all, the parade finishes before the garbage trucks arrive, right? Kind of ruins the mood.Waiter

While I find fault on the restaurant’s part, I also find fault with some of today’s diners, which might actually make this a cause-and-effect thing.

Think about how much more time people spend at their table these days thanks to their iPhones and their compulsion to photograph every course of their meal. Rather than simply enjoying the dining experience, diners must let their friends know exactly what they’re eating, like they’re posing next to some exotic animal they’ve bagged on safari.

All that time adds up. I’m sure from a business standpoint, restaurants need to turn over tables in order to make money. So maybe it’s not the waiter’s fault for rushing us along, rather it’s the new breed of diners who feel compelled to let everybody know they’re eating foie gras.

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