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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: In-Laws, “Thons”, PowerBall, and Vegetarians

Having difficulty getting through visits to your in-laws? A good friend tipped his hand on how he handles said situations. When he pulls his car into the driveway of one of his in-laws, he simply reaches inside his head, removes his brain, and places it in the glove compartment for the duration of his stay.

Makes sense to me.

Due to the weekend weather, NBC’s Al Roker had a “Rockerthon” to report on conditions nationwide. Think about how important you must be to have a “thon” bearing your name.

Anybody else find it amusing that PowerBall is viewed like a red-headed stepchild now that’s it’s only $75 million? Petty cash, right?


According to sources who have uncovered Indian relics, “vegetarian” originated as a synonym for “bad hunter.”

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