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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Let the Beauty Contest Begin

Let the beauty contest begin.

Let’s see, Urban Meyer looks like a lock for the swim suit competition.

Les Miles, he’ll certainly give the best answer, I mean who doesn’t want world peace.

Dabo Swinney’s dancing should earn him the most talent points.

And, Miss Congeniality? Nick Saban, no contest.

Tuesday night the College Football Playoff selection committee offered up its first rankings. I didn’t need to look at them to tell you I’m not on board.

1921 Miss America “Margaret Gorman 2” by unknown 1921 Miss America “Margaret Gorman 2” by unknown

I’m sure each member of the esteemed committee has credentials out the ying-yang, but none of them is qualified for such a job. Nobody is. At the end of the year, the best team in college football should be chosen based on what they did. Not on how they looked getting there.

I’m tired of hearing, “The committee wants to have the teams that are playing the best at the end of the season.”

Apply that logic to other sports. Does the guy who shoots a 64 at Augusta on the final day win The Masters? If a Major League team plays .700 ball in September, would it automatically play in the World Series?

Furthermore, I’m really, really sick of hearing that such and such team might be undefeated, but they don’t play an SEC schedule. See undefeated Memphis, which defeated Ole Miss 37-24. Didn’t Ole Miss beat SEC kingpin Alabama at Tuscaloosa? Perhaps the SEC is lucky teams such as Memphis don’t play an SEC schedule.

Not to pick on the SEC, but how can any conference play most of its games against teams within that conference then make the assumption from the outcomes of those games that all the other conferences are inferior?

The first step toward a fix is a six-team playoff that contains the conference champions of the five major conferences. The committee can then do its due-diligence by selecting the at-large team — a selection that can’t be from one of the five power conferences. The committee would also slot the six teams with the top two teams getting a bye while the other four would meet in play-in games.

Others have said eight teams, but I’m not in favor of that because of some who think that one conference should have more than one team. Winning one’s conference should eliminate all the other teams in that conference.

Sooner or later college football has to get this right. Until then, we’re stuck with the same old beauty contest. Where’s Bert Parks when you need him?

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