• Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Lunch with Clemenza and Other Thoughts

Watching The Godfather for the millionth time I was struck by a new thought: Is there any other movie character you’d more like to have lunch with than Peter Clemenza?


Think about it, he knew every great Italian restaurant in New York City. Everywhere you went, a nice bottle of Chianti would land at the table the second you sat, along with a, “Good afternoon, Mr. Clemenza.” Fresh bread would follow along with unspeakably good pasta dishes. Of course the cannolis would always be to go.

You won’t see Pauli no more.

While on the subject of movies, I watched All the President’s Men for the first time since I originally saw it in college. What resonated with me — whether true or not — was the Washington Post’s decision to leave Woodward and Bernstein on the story — rather than bringing in high-profile reporters — because they “were hungry.”

Remember when you were hungry and had a passion for things? You’re lucky if you have that hunger. If you don’t, rekindling that hunger is never a bad thing.

Patti and I have been struck by the appearance of a one-legged man riding a bicycle. We’ve seen him on several occasions pedaling all over South Tampa. Talk about no limitations. What an inspiration.

Speaking of my wife, she recently bragged on me to friends for my deductive reasoning. We had been playing trivia at a bar and there was a question where we needed to name three left-handed Presidents of the United States. Easy, I went to the pictures in my mind of Presidents throwing out first pitches on Opening Day. George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barrack Obama — all southpaws.


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