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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Mean Tweets, Tight Clothes, Baseball Season

Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently featured Lionel Richie and James Taylor for its “Mean Tweets — Music Edition” segment and the music icons delivered, sharing the following tweets they had received:

Richie: “If Lionel Richie wants Once, Twice, Three times a Lady … Then he’s a picky Mother F*****! Take what you can get A******!”

And, Taylor: “Hey, James Taylor: we get it. You’ve seen fire and rain. Guess what? So have I and a lot of people. Isn’t that special.”

I’ve got to agree with my friend Mike Williams’ post on Facebook: “Women used to have tight clothing all to themselves… I miss those times.”

Patti has put out a sign in our kitchen that reads: “We interrupt this marriage to bring you baseball season.”

Rays pitchers and catchers report on Friday. Is she sending me a message?

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