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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Movie Mistakes

Perfection is difficult, because, well, you have to be perfect.

Recently I divulged some memorable mistakes I’ve made in print. Now I give you some I’ve picked up from the flickers (I just love what Babe Ruth called movies).

Movies are notorious for little editing mistakes. Like when a guy is wearing a sweater in the first part of a scene and suddenly is not. Or perhaps the actor loses weight during the filming of the movie and looks dramatically different from one scene to the next.

I get tickled when I find one of these. So here’s a few from three of my favorite movies. You know they are some of my favorites or else I wouldn’t be watching them over and over again to uncover any mistakes.

In Shawshank Redemption, Andy Dufresne switches shoes with the warden before escaping prison, right? That begs the question: How did he crawl “through a river of shit” in the warden’s shiny shoes and still look presentable at the bank wearing those same shoes in the morning? He wasn’t exactly packing as suitcase and I didn’t see a spare pair of shoes. Also, I wonder why the water shoots out of the pipe when he uses a rock to break through it. Once he’s inside that same pipe the water isn’t flowing.

Next, Kill Bill. Remember Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride) is shot in the head and left for dead at her wedding? After being in a coma for an extended period, she comes to at the medical facility only to discover she can’t use her legs, which have been dormant for such a long period. Question is: If she can’t use her legs, how come her arms work perfectly fine?

Finally, we come to The Godfather, the gold standard for all movies. Yet here we have a scene in which Tom Hagen arrives at Woltz Studios to plead Johnny Fontane’s case. He’s carrying a small leather suitcase — suitable for Khartoum’s head — as he walks toward a meeting with Jack Woltz. By the time he reaches the building where the famed director is in production, he’s only carrying a portfolio. How did that happen?

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