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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: “No, But I Crushed the Crossword…”

My daughter, Carly, and her husband, Michael, held their annual crawfish boil in Atlanta this past weekend and, once again, Patti and I had a blast.

First, it’s always nice when your kids include you. Next, it’s fun to be around such a smart, quick-witted group.

One kid, who works in Philadelphia and takes adderall — “a prescription” he insisted, said he took one prior to his 6 a.m. flight to Atlanta on Saturday morning. Michael asked him if he took a nap on the way, to which the kid responded: “No, but I crushed the crossword.”

Had to laugh at the basketball video of the kid making a big show of squaring up and slapping the floor on defense. Just one problem: When he slapped the floor, the guy he was guarding blew past him for two points.

Finally, caught a glimpse of Headline News at the airport when a clip of thousands of dolphins jumping out of the water rolled. According to the reporter they were staying ahead of the orcas. The reporter added, “Isn’t that beautiful?”

Not sure she was watching the same footage as me. Scared shitless dolphins fleeing for their lives, “beautiful?” Just saying…