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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Not Puppies, Dogs…

I smiled at Jameis Winston telling his Buccaneers’ teammates, “We’re not puppies, we’re dogs!”

For the second time this season, I had someone ask me if I was an umpire. This time it happened prior to a flight to Toronto. My bag tag has a Major League Baseball logo on it, prompting the guy checking me in to ask if I was one of the men in blue. My “no” obviously liberated him to rail against umpires. He had pent up issues about the 2008 World Series, which he felt the Phillies won because the Rays’ starters got squeezed behind the dish. Meanwhile, the Phillies starters enjoyed a zone as wide as he could spread his arms.

Lately, I’ve been listening to WDAE 620 sports talk radio via the iHeart app when I walk in the mornings, mostly to hear what friends Tom Jones and Rick Stroud have to say. Recently both were off and the guy hosting argued vehemently that sports fans should like pro football more than college football. One of his arguments was based on college football’s early-season cupcake match ups, which he noted the NFL does not have. He failed to mention that the NFL has an exhibition season, a.k.a., the biggest ripoff in sports. Also, why does anybody care if somebody likes one sport more than another?

Finally, I loved the following Facebook post: “If I can hear you chew, I’ve fantasized about your death.”

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