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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Notre Dame, Accuracy of the Internet, and Aces are Wild

Few are indifferent when the subject of Notre Dame is broached: You either love them or you don’t.

I’m not an apologist for Notre Dame, but after receiving several comments from readers regarding the Fighting Irish I figured I’d add my 2 cents.

081115-D-7203C-012.JPG Why in the world would Notre Dame want to join a conference?

Yesterday, I wrote about my idea for a six-team format for the College Football Playoff that would include five conference champions and an at-large team. Thus, the comments, all of which concerned Notre Dame and all of which were negative.

The gist of the comments centered on the belief that Notre Dame would always be the at-large team because of the “special treatment” they are always accorded. In addition, they wondered why Notre Dame did not have to be in a conference and why they got to have their own TV deal.

Well, for starters, there really isn’t a governing body to regulate whether team’s have their own network, as Notre Dame does with NBC. Since they aren’t in a conference for football — other than their obligation to play a number of ACC teams each season — they are free and clear to keep all of the money they make without splitting with a conference. On top of that, they keep all of their bowl money.

If you are Notre Dame, why in the world would you want to join a conference when you’ve got the best of both worlds?

The only way to force Notre Dame into joining a conference would be for athletic directors from other schools to quit scheduling them. Alas, that’s never going to happen because you are concerned with making money if you are an athletic director and Notre Dame is always a pay day.

It’s like I was told early in my career as a sports writer: If you want to understand what’s going on, follow the money.

Loved the following poster that appeared on the Internet: