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TOYS AND GAMES: Pie is Dangerous…

Pies can be dangerous. At least that’s what Adam Jones is saying.

The Orioles outfielder originated the practice of smashing a pie into the hero of the game’s face following O’s victories. Now Jones is saying no to pie as he tweeted:

“It’s no one’s fault. It’s just about safety. At the end of the day it can be dangerous so we’re being smart.”

Wonder if bakeries are starting to wrap yellow tape around their pie racks to let customers know they must proceed with caution.

Enjoyed my first visit to The British Open Pub in Venice. The inaugural trip to any English pub always means trying the fish and chips. I did, and wow. A unique touch to the place was the miniature train running continuously around the perimeter of the pub near the ceiling.

Every year I seem to a random college basketball team from around the country after channel surfing and landing on that team enough to get interested. Iowa State became that team for me this year. Last night I got to watch a nice moment at the end of the Cyclones’ win over Oklahoma State.

With an eight-point lead and little time left, Iowa State coach Steve Prohm called a timeout so he could let seniors Jameel McKay, Georges Niang, Abdel Nader leave to a standing ovation on “Senior Night” in Ames.

Chalk that one up as one of the reasons to love college athletics.


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