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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Seven Cards, $1 Million

Did you see the one about the family that came across seven Ty Cobb cards in a bag inside the house of a deceased great-grandfather. Good for them since those cards are valued at $1 million. My question is: Why would anybody want to pay $1 million for seven cards? And, what would you do with the cards after that?

After watching part of Rocky II and Rocky III last week, I’ve come to the conclusion that Rocky Balboa might have had a lot of heart, but he was not coachable. In Rocky II, all the pre-fight workouts had him learning to box right-handed so he could protect his damaged eye, so what did he do? He reverted to left-handed once the fight started. Then in Rocky III he got lean and mean so he could rely on his quickness rather than try and slug it out against Clubber Lang. Of course, he again bucked his coaching and ended up going rope-a-dope with Clubber.

Sad to see that Pan Conroy died.

The noted author is still my favorite. Prince of Tides sits in my top spot for my favorite book as well. Conroy created a masterpiece in Prince of Tides–reads like literature and moves like a page turner.