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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Shaving, The Beach, and Pokemon Fever

Remember when you looked forward to shaving?

You were a man once you began to hack whiskers from your face first thing in the morning, right? I didn’t shave more than once a week until I got to college. I’ve since come to view the now daily act as a chore I’d rather not perform.

Patti and I recently spent a few Marriott points at the Vinoy, which led us to the beach one day. Of note was my rookie mistake of removing my shoes before reaching the cool sand near the water. The powdery white stuff scorched the bottoms of my feet. I used to know better. On that same trip, we raced to stay ahead of the storm as we walked from the Don Cesar toward our desired oasis, The Brass Monkey. We made it, and managed to order whiskey for our men and beer for our horses. FYI, I’m speaking metaphorically. We didn’t ride horses, but we did quench our thirst.

Finally, all this Pokemon Go fever reminded me of End of Watch, the Stephen King book I just finished. In it, kids were chasing fish on a video game and, unbeknownst to them, ended up getting hypnotized. Dire results followed…