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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Summer Travel, Olympic Thoughts, Cool T-Shirt

Summer is basically over, so the kids are back at school and family travel is over, which changes the complexion of flying for the better. Here are my top three most obnoxious passengers from this year’s vacation season:

The mother sitting next to me who watched a video without headphones.

The couple who arrived to the airport at the last second and the airline they were flying allowed them to cut in line because they were late for their flight. Giggling after getting their way showed poor form. One word came to mind: Entitled.

And the top offender…

The guy who complained about not being able to fit his suitcase in the upper compartment–and he was flying Southwest, which doesn’t charge a baggage fee.

Three thoughts on the Olympics:

I want to be like Usain Bolt. Was the Jamaican sprinter fun to watch or what?

My favorite Ryan Lochte headline came from the New York Post: “Liar, Liar, Speedo on Fire.”And… I did not see one Olympic medal awarded for participation. Bingo, you guessed it, I’m not an advocate of receiving trophies for showing up.

Finally, I loved the t-shirt worn by a laid-back dude drinking a beer. An upside-down Nike swish adorned the front and underneath it read: “Just did.”