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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Super Bowl Hangover

On Friday morning one of the local news anchors reported of the coming Super Bowl: “Close to 189 viewers are expected to tune in.”

Now, try estimating how many people will miss work today due to the, uh, flu. And of those who manage to soldier on, how productive will they be? Why oh why don’t they play the game on Saturday night?

Talk about a low blow. One of my former employers once drug tested its drivers the day after the Super Bowl. Several tested positive for substances that were not supposed to be there and were punished accordingly. Ouch.

My favorite Super Bowl commercial: Doritos at the ultrasound. And my least favorite: Mountain Dew’s Puppy Monkey Baby.

Coldplay wasn’t doing it for me at halftime. Now Bruno Mars and Beyonce? They brought game. Remember when every year’s Super Bowl featured Up with People?

Finally, I enjoyed the game. Offensive shootouts have become trite, which made Denver’s defensive effort refreshing. They served up some old school defense. MVP Von Miller reminded me of Lawrence Taylor.