• Bill Chastain


Last night I dreamed the dream.

I’m in college and signed up for a bunch of classes. There’s this one class–microeconomics–I always forget to attend. I know I must get there sooner or later or I’m going to be screwed. Still, I never make it.

Z-_Backgarden_of_a_dream Backgarden of a Dream

My forgetfulness extends to the drop date. After the pink parachute day has passed, I realize that I can no longer drop the class without repercussions. The anxiety mounts, yet I don’t go to class to learn the material. Finally, I grasp that I must take a final without ever attending the class.

I manage to study for the thing and actually understand the material I’m supposed to in order to pass the final. Only I oversleep on the day of the final. Wait, there’s still time.

I take a quick shower and try to hurry to the building across campus where my microeconomics final is taking place. Now I’m faced with another obstacle. My legs feel like they’re attached to sand bags. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

This dream has played out for years. I’ve still never taken the final, so I don’t know if I passed or not. Now I ask: Does anybody else have similar dreams? And… Do these dreams ever go away? Let me know, I’d be interested in your stories.


©2020 by Bill Chastain. Photo credits: Jill Doty Photography