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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: The Force Is Not With Me

Kel sounded disappointed when I told him I didn’t want to go to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which only grossed $238 million over the weekend.

Darth_Vader_(10585267443) Darth Vader (Wikimedia commons)

I will do almost anything with my kids if they ask; I love being included. Still, I held my ground on this one. After all, my son is now an adult and I’m just not a Star Wars aficionado.

He fondly remembered the time we went for the midnight showing for one of the movies from the series. I remembered that one, too. Packed house and I barely saw a light sabre because I slept the length of the movie. No doubt many thought Chewbacca was in the audience due to my snoring. Side note: I sleep rather well in movie theaters.

Kel told Patti he was surprised that I didn’t want to go to the movie, because he thought I liked Star Wars. Patti then broke the news that the force wasn’t with Dad and that there had been a lot of things I took him to that I didn’t necessarily like, such as Monster Trucks, Power Rangers, etc.

Now the hard part. How do we handle the whole Santa Claus thing?

Spotted at Timpano in Hyde Park: A family of three sitting outside on a pristine Friday night, each locked in on their iPhones.

Charles Barkley weighed in via ESPN radio on this year’s Golden State Warriors when asked to compare them to Michael Jordan’s 95-96 Chicago Bulls, who hold the NBA record for a season with a 72-10 mark: “That Bulls team would kill this little team. Come on, man. Who is going to guard Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan? What about Dennis Rodman?”

Finally, the question of the day: Do vampires go to dermatologists?

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