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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: UCLA QB, Stereotype Reversals, and Choo Choo

Josh Rosen is now one of my favorites.

According to an article appearing in Sports Illustrated’s College Football Issue, the UCLA quarterback posted a Los Angeles Times graphic on Instagram announcing that the Bruins’ $280 million deal with Under Armour was the largest in NCAA history. Underneath the post, Rosen wrote: “We’re still amateurs, though… Gotta love non-profits. #NCAA

I also loved that Rosen would like to become a Super Bowl-winning quarterback and do well enough on endorsements that he could play for the league minimum and have the excess of money saved by the team spread around to his teammates.

While in New York, I liked the t-shirt worn by a young woman on Lexington Avenue that read, “Train Like an Angel.” Obviously, its meaning can be interpreted on several different levels.

Talk about defeating stereotypes, wouldn’t it be cool to see the Stanford football team win a national title with a black head coach, David Shaw, and white star running back, Christian McCaffrey?

Finally, the following is a Facebook post from my friend and colleague Roger Mooney:

We morn the passing of legendary Met Choo Choo Coleman with this great exchange between Coleman and Ralph Kiner during a TV interview …

Kiner: “What’s your wife’s name and what’s she like?”

Coleman: “My wife’s name is Mrs. Coleman and she likes me, Bub.”