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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Upon Further Review, College Football Playoff Should Be Six Teams

Yesterday, I wrote about what I thought to be the ideal plan for the College Football Playoff by expanding to eight teams.

College_Football_Playoffs_National_Championship_Trophy_on_display_at_the_Ohio_Statehouse_(Columbus,_Ohio)_-_view_from_mezzanine College Football Playoffs National Championship Trophy on display at the Ohio Statehouse (Columbus, Ohio)

The way I saw it, five of the eight teams would earn berths by virtue of winning their conference championship. After that, the committee would decide on the remaining three teams — but none of them could be from the big five conferences.

Alas, I’ve reconsidered that stance after some feedback and come up with a better plan that is more fair: A six-team playoff.

Under a six-team plan, five would arrive as conference champions and the remaining one come from at-large bid from anywhere. The at-large entrant would be decided by the committee, which would also slot the six teams from one to six. Teams 1 and 2 would receive byes and the other four would have to play off to advance to the four-team playoff.

Having a bye, obviously, would be coveted, so the committee’s weighting would hold significance. Also, if you qualified as the second team from a conference, you would be automatically destined to play in one of the play-in games — that would be adequate punishment for being in the party without winning your conference. However, if you’re an independent that had an exceptional year, you could be slotted in one of the top two spots.

I believe my eureka moment has solved the question of how to improve the College Football Playoff. Your thoughts?