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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Weathermen in Cahoots With Liquor Stores

Spaghetti models of tropical storm Erika suggested 50 different paths. That dizzying forecast also suggested something else.

First a disclaimer: Caution is always the right tact when a tropical storm moves towards Florida. The consequences of not taking proper precautions can be devastating.

June_6,_1953_Tropical_Storm_Alice_weather_mapNow my point. While some who hear of a hurricane/tropical storm’s approach will do the right thing, like filling their bathtubs with water, boarding up their windows, and making sure their flashlights have batteries, most will simply head for the liquor store to fortify supplies for weathering the storm.

So call me a conspiracy theory if you will, but a small part of me believes that your local weatherman is in cahoots with the liquor stores. Create as wide a path as possible with your spaghetti model and we’ll take care of you, my meteorological friend.

While at work Friday night, one of my golfing buddies, John Ramos, texted the following message to our golf group: “Getting ready for my game.” He sent along a photo with his text. I was writing on deadline following the Rays game at the time, so I didn’t look at the photo until I was headed home. I figured I’d see a photo of John holding some new club or showing off his putting stroke. Instead, here’s what he sent: John’s message

Though John is the best golfer in the group, his preparation proved prophetic.

In case you missed it, Toronto’s Edwin Encarnacion hit three home runs in the Blue Jays’ 15-1 win over the Tigers on Saturday. The win took place at Rogers Centre in Toronto, where most of the faithful are hockey fans first. So it shouldn’t have been surprising to anybody that the fans saluted Encarnacion by throwing their hats onto the field just as they would have had a member of the hometown Maple Leafs scored three goals. Encarnacion, who hails from the Dominican Republic, had no idea about the tribute he was receiving until explained to him after the game. A “bat trick” for Encarnacion.

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