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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: What Ifs for The Godfather

While I don’t consider myself an expert on The Godfather, I have invested a lot of time watching my favorite movie. Thus, my mind is cluttered with what ifs for the 1972 classic.Godfather_puppetmaster

Here are a few:

What if Paulie hadn’t called in sick? What if Luca Brasi had?

What if Michael had passed on shooting Sollozzo and Captain McCluskey and settled for a plate of veal — you know, the best in the city?

What if Clemenza’s man brought the gun and forgot the canolis?

What if they had experienced bed bugs when they went to the mattresses?

What if Clemenza also went to Michael with a deal?

What if Jack Woltz had simply given Johnny Fontane the part?

What if Khartoum had been a talking horse?

What if Don Corleone had reversed fields and bankrolled The Turk?

What if Michael had remained in the army?

What if Connie had married Moe Greene instead of Carlo?

What if Tom Hagen had become a personal injury attorney?

And, the biggest what if of all…

What if Sonny had a toll pass?

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