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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Win the Lottery, Become a Superhero?

In your daydreams about winning the Lottery, have you ever entertained the thought of becoming a superhero if you cashed the magic ticket? Bruce Wayne did hit the Power Ball, right?

Batman_Matias_G_Martinez “Batman Matias G Martinez” by Comunidadartistas – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

I believe a moratorium should be placed on any man over the age of 30 who wears his hat backwards.

My mother once asked my younger brother to tell her his favorite color. He hadn’t even begun kindergarten at that point, but he managed to display some sense. After telling her that purple was his favorite color, she asked him to spell purple. He promptly changed his favorite color to red, telling her “R-E-D.”

In the fall of 1975, some bad ass stepped to the podium at my freshman orientation at Georgia Tech and told us: “Look to your left and look to your right, in four years only one of you will be here.”

Talk about intimidation.

Now I see that the first-year retention rate at Tech is 97 percent.

In other words, the school has realized it spends a lot of time and money qualifying what students get into the school so it doesn’t make any sense to run them off. The times they are a changing. And for the better if you ask me.

High school football players really should give more consideration to what college they attend, like picking the school with the best academic reputation rather than signing up for the “program that will get them to the NFL.”

Consider the following statistics I mined off the Internet:

Of the roughly 1.086 million high school football players each year, just 256 matriculate to get drafted by the NFL. The league minimum of $420,000 translates to $252,000 after taxes and the average NFL career lasts approximately three years.

Do the math. You might want to pay more attention in class.

Finally, Patti looked away from the paper this morning and announced: “Godfather Trilogy on Thursday morning.”

She then appeared surprised when I didn’t seem pleased with her comment. I brusquely corrected her: “Wrong. There are only two Godfather movies. One and two.”

If you don’t understand my remark, turn in your Man Card then go for lunch with Clemenza. You’re driving.

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