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  • Bill Chastain

TOYS AND GAMES: Zebras Need to Be Under One Roof

Watching the Ohio State-Virginia Tech game on Monday night reaffirmed my belief that all officials for college football games should be recognized only as NCAA officials.

I understand that there are reasons for why an officiating crew is ACC or SEC, etc. They are regionally based and some are likely paid better than others. But when schools from different conferences meet and the officiating crew is from one of the school’s conferences, impropriety always seems to be suggested.

College football refereesMonday night’s ACC crew blew a call that went against Ohio State early in the game and the bunch announcing the game immediately noted several times that it was an ACC crew — letting the viewer draw his or her own conclusion.

The idea that one conference’s crew is screwing the team outside their conference gets particularly overblown at the end of the season when in-state, different conference, rivals meet.

Personally, I don’t believe any officials have agendas as far as their conferences go, particularly now that so many replays exist. Still, wouldn’t it be nice if that suggestion got taken off the table?

Another thought percolating in my head following the Ohio State-Virginia Tech game dealt with Kirk Herbstreit.

In my opinion, “Herbie” is unquestionably the best in TV where college football analyst are concerned. I give him what I consider the ultimate compliment by saying that he does his homework. In other words, he knows all the relevant information and then some. He is a total professional, and he’s really good at what he does.

Now, having said that, I don’t believe that he should do games in which his Alma mater, Ohio State, is playing. I used to think the same thing when Bobby Bowden’s sons were involved in FSU broadcasts.

I don’t know if the network puts Herbstreit in the situation where he is part of the announcing team for Ohio State games, or if he requests to be a part of the coverage. But being a part of it all puts him in a difficult position, no matter which way his opinions swing.

And one last comment from Ohio State-Virginia Tech, Braxton Miller’s spin move brought back memories of Saturday nights at Tampa Stadium when Leon “X-Ray” McQuay would exercise his airplane spin move for the University of Tampa. Boy those games were fun to attend.

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