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  • Bill Chastain

Walmart melee

What transpired at a La Porte, Texas Walmart this week reads like a Blue Light Special gone bad (Yes, I’m well aware K-mart has the Blue Light Special).

Anyway, here’s what went down:

A woman customer head-butted a Walmart employee, whom allegedly had been rude to her husband the previous day when the couple had gone to the retail giant to have their taxes done.

424px-Dusty-kid_XII The American Dream

Once the customer returned to Walmart the following day to confront the offending Walmart employee the situation entered the octagon. The employee chased the customer to the front of the store and spit in her face. Pushed to the limit, the customer delivered a Dusty Rhodes-like head butt that would have made “The American Dream” proud.

When given the chance to show contrition, the customer said she would repeat the maneuver if put into the same situation, only she would have exercised more force.

One has to wonder, is this a problem familiar only to Walmart? I don’t remember head-butting at Target. Perhaps it’s just tax season. Are accountants secretly prepared to handle aggressive action. If that’s the case H&R Block employees might just be a dangerous crew. Looking harmless in their wire-rimmed glasses, they sit in folding chairs–like the ones that whack across wrestlers’ backs within the squared circle–and brass knuckles rest in their desk drawers. You never considered these implications when sitting across the desk from said accounting professionals. To think you were just a whisper away from being on the receiving end of a six-pack of whip-ass.

I think we get the picture here. Whether it’s Walmart, Target, H&R Block or your “mild-mannered” accountant. Taxes are a hot button. There’s a reason why they dumped tea into the Boston Harbor all those years ago.

Proceed with caution.

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