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  • Bill Chastain

Why We Love the Gentleman's Game

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Golf is fun. There's the social aspect. And the competitive piece. Just don't join your buddies looking to boost your self esteem. You can’t be thin-skinned. Take the following exchange from my Tampa foursome.

Charlie wasn’t feeling well, I believe he had a sinus infection, so on No. 5, Frank observed with great feeling: “Charlie, you look like shit.”

Kind of like calling the guy with acne "Pizza Face."

Charlie remained silent. Frank continued: “If anything happens, Bill will give you mouth to mouth. I’ll dial 911.”

I'm forever trying to learn a second language. Spanish has been my pursuit the past five years, but I haven't been consistent, so I'm not making a lot of progress. I've got Rosetta Stone. And I have audio lessons I can play in the car on listen to while I'm walking. Still, if somebody asked me if I understood Spanish, my answer would be "no entiendo"--do not understand.

Decades ago, I passed two years of Spanish at Plant High. That experience taught me to count to 10. Pack that up and head to Madrid. See how that works out. Being accountable, I acknowledge that I never really tried in high school Spanish. And by the time I did try, I'd fallen too far behind to catch up. Thus, the class became a form of entertainment.