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  • Bill Chastain

Working on My Game

Since my golf skills have dwindled from mediocre to hack, I figured why not take the appropriate measures towards grooving the swing that once prompted the comment: “You’re looping it.”120px-Golf_Swing_Animation

Several options came to mind.

First, golf lessons.

Unfortunately, seeing a golf professional will put about 30 new swing thoughts in your head, making you the easiest mark on the course. Or in my case, an even easier mark. Lessons can also be costly if you’re in it for the long haul.

Next, an equipment upgrade.

Alas, new sticks aren’t cheap and they don’t guarantee a change of fortunes. Remember, it’s not the club, it’s the operator.

Finally, the Internet.

Why not the Internet? A picture of Al Gore in knickers with a Payne Stewart-like swing came to mind. We are in the information age, right? I could improve my game by simply clicking the search engine. What a delightfully simplistic tool. And it’s free.

No doubt I would cut my score from 95 to 75 after just a little study. Augusta could be in my future. Make that green jacket a 42 regular, thank you.

I punched “improve your game” into the Google search box and up popped the following:

How to Improve Your Game: 10 Steps (with Pictures).

How to Improve Your Golf Game with Simple Tips.

Deliberate practice is key to improving your golf game.

Little Known Trick Can Change Your Game Forever.

Golf Drills to Improve Your Game.